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Paddling and Sea Kayaking in Baja California


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About Us

Paddling South began running kayak tours in the early '80s. It is known as one of Loreto, Baja's oldest travel companies. It was started by Trudi Angell and has recently been acquired by Sea Trek, one of the most respected and long-time kayaking companies in Baja. Paddling South provides a wonderful suite of self-supported kayak trips which complements Sea Trek's offering of skiff (boat) supported trips. Together, the two companies provide a complete range of experiences suited for any kind of adventure traveller.

Local partners, Jorge Salas and Antonio Hernandez grew up in Loreto. Jorge Salas is a Loretano, NOLS instructor, and teacher of minimum impact camping and ecotourism at the University of Baja California Sur. Antonio Hernandez has a similar bio. As well as being amazing guides, they are the “boots on the ground” providing the local expertise and logistical support to create unforgettable experiences for all our clients.

Sea Kayaking

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