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Loreto Sea Kayak Symposium

Paddling South is happy to announce our participation in a symposium on one of Loreto's specialties - Sea Kayaking. We are offering a full package trip for 10 days; a weekend of festival events in Loreto, a 6 day 5 night camping kayak trip, 4 nights in the Hotel Oasis, and entry to the social events of the sea kayak symposium. A special highlight for this trip will be the addition of two local university students accompanying the tour. Alternative Tourism is the campus focus in Loreto, and it will be great fun to sponsor young folks who are learning English and looking for careers in conservation and the guiding/kayaking realm.

The Oct. 22-31 2010 Itinerary is:

Arrival Friday Oct. 22 - we will meet you at the airport and transfer to Loreto. Overnight Hotel Oasis (Friday through Sunday).

Oct. 23 Saturday & 24 Sunday- see information below about the symposium events - you may choose to attend any or all of the events on your own time table. Meals on your own during the weekend festival*; (all meals are included during the kayak camping tour). *Dinner on Sunday night will be included as part of a symposium social event.

Oct. 25 Monday - 30th Saturday - Paddling South sea kayak tour. During the sea kayak tour local marine park reps and others will meet the kayak groups and give special talks on the conservation efforts and natural history of the area. 5 nights camping, 6 paddle days (see our Coast and Island itinerary), final night in Hotel Oasis, and end of trip dinner. Sunday Oct. 31 breakfast on your own, departure day, or stay in Loreto longer to visit a few more historic and natural attractions.

If your personal schedule or flight schedules don't align for you for the 10 day itinerary, the cost for a Sunday 24th arrival - Oct. 31 departure tour will be $1095 (our tried and true 8 day package, with a little extra perk of some symposium additions - local students on our tour, and special symposium dinners )

What is the Loreto Kayak Symposium?

The Loreto Kayak Symposium includes kayak lessons, tours, information tables, sales, and presentations. The goal is to promote sustainable tourism by bringing in visitors, to provide access to kayaks to local inhabitants, and to provide affordable instruction for beginners and world-class training for local kayaking professionals such as guides and instructors.

The symposium is sponsored by the Parque Nacional Bahia de Loreto, the Loreto Campus of the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, and other sponsors.

What is the Festival Weekend?

Festival Weekend, October 23-24, begins the Symposium with 2 days of activity on the beachfront of Loreto, around the palapa. There will be tables of information about kayaking, the marine park, and other sustainable tourism activities. Free talks on the beach and free demonstrations are available to everyone. They will be given primarily in Spanish, though most presenters are bilingual, with English, and can translate when needed. For a small fee ($100 pesos - about $9 US) participants can go on the water to try out kayaks, or paddle with their family for an hour, or take a class on the water.

Friday October 22 Inauguration! - Videos, Music, Speeches
Saturday October 23 Celebration! - Videos, Music, Inspiration, Activities

Fun Starts 9:00am Saturday on the Loreto Waterfront
Free Classes on the Beach! starting at 10am, 12noon, 2pm

  • different kayaks and what they're used for
  • techniques for efficient paddling
  • body mechanics for rolling a kayak
  • camp cooking
  • reading a map or a nautical chart
  • equipment for kayaking
  • how to use a marine radio

Free Demonstrations! starting at 9am, 11am, 1pm

  • capsize and rescue
  • rolling
  • balance tricks
  • towing techniques
  • maneuvers "kayak ballet"

Information Tables - Things for Sale -9am-3pmon the Loreto Waterfront

Free Evening Programs - at the Marina 7:00pm

On-Water Activities for $100 Pesos Include souvenir T-shirt or mug, and energy drink.
Register on the beach - Take a second class or activity for just $80 pesos (no T-shirt)

Try out Kayaks - $100 pesos for all day, starting at 9am

1-Hour Classes on Water! - $100 pesos registration - Classes start at 10am, 12noon, 2pm - register at the beach at least 30 minutes before class

  • first time class
  • floating in a life jacket
  • basic safety
  • rescues
  • efficient forward stroke
  • balance and bracing
  • steering
  • rolling

Family Paddling!
1 hour starting at 10am, 12noon, 2pm
$100 pesos adult, $50 pesos child, first child free
Ages 3 & up.

Kayak Games 3pm Saturday - Fun Prizes!
$100 pesos entry fee -no experience necessary
prepare to get wet!

Distance Race 3pm Sunday
Great Prizes! $100 pesos entry fee
register by 2pm prerequisite: basic safety class, or experience

Press Release:

Tour operators in Baja's National Marine Park of the Bay of Loreto join forces in October 2010 on a rally celebrating Mexico's first citizen-initiated national park.

Specialists and national park representatives meet participants twice during their trip for on-site presentations on the wildlife, unique geology, and oceanography of the Gulf of California, whose 244 islands were listed on UNESCO's World Heritage list in 2005.

Proceeds benefit research in the park, education for local students, and sustainable tourism. This historic rally marks the first cooperative effort of the National Marine Park of the Bay of Loreto with local tour operators and is part of the Loreto Kayak Symposium organized by Sea Kayak Baja Mexico. The symposium also features kayak instruction for all levels, games, competitions, and playtime for young families.

Loreto was the site of the first mission and the original capital of the Californias. Located about 600 miles down the Baja California peninsula on the Gulf of California, Loreto is a popular vacation destination for its kayaking, sport fishing, diving, and enjoying the mountainous desert scenery.

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