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Bareboat Chartering in Loreto, Baja California

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1. General Information
2. FAQ

1. General Information:

Here is information about bareboat chartering our Catalina 22 keelboat. Included here is: a sample copy of the charter agreement, the first page of our cruising guidelines, a personal gear list, and a boat inventory.

You will receive the complete guidelines, and travel information, once we confirm your reservation.

When you are ready to arrange a charter, the next step is for you (or the designated captain) to contact us with a summary of your sailing and charter experiences along with the preferred dates for your charter, and names and ages of the charter party. We will get right back to you with a confirmation. When we have received your $200 charter deposit, we will send out the full packet. If you have any questions about chartering with us in Baja, or the procedure for doing so, please contact us.

2. FAQ:

Q. What is bareboat charter?
A. Bareboat charter is a bit like leasing a car. You get the boat equipped with proper boat gear for chartering, but, it is “bare” meaning you are the captain/crew and provide your own food, beverages, and personal gear. Click on Windmill Inventory and Gear List to see what is provided and what you should bring.

Q. What are the charter waters?
A. Our charter boats, Windmill and Roxo, are Catalina 22s are based in Loreto, Baja, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez. Our charter waters are within a newly created Mexican Marine National Park, with a number of uninhabited offshore, but close islands offering secluded anchorages, and reasonably deserted beaches. You will be sailing between these islands and the Baja peninsula, an area of about 350 square miles, which is delightful for a six-or more- day charter.

Q. How do I know if I am qualified to charter a Catalina 22?
A. Generally, you should have lots of experience sailing small boats like our Catalina 22s in a variety of waters on multi-day trips. You should be familiar with finding your way in new waters, evaluating an anchorage for safe anchoring, anchoring skills and techniques, dealing with variable weather, and, you should be comfortable and happy with camp style cook kits and accommodations. One client said, “Hey, its like camping off-road in the desert in my old VW bus.” Previous chartering experience, a bareboat chartering certificate, bigger boats, and Baja experience can be a plus. The SailBaja charter program should not be your first chartering experience. Baja sailing is off the grid, without a wide range of marinas, communications, or rescue agencies. You must be self reliant.
Specifically, we ask you to send us a resume of your sailing skills and chartering experiences, as well as those of your crew. We’ll respond immediately with our evaluation.

Q. Can we depart one marina and drop off in another, a one-way charter?
A. Baja doesn’t have a large number of marinas. This is part of its charm, we think. Our best charter price is based on you beginning and ending at the Loreto Marina. We are always open to discussing other possibilities, but there will be extra charges.

Q. What is the best time to charter in Baja?
A. We offer charters in Baja from October through mid-May. Other months are too hot, humid, and calm. During our desert climate season we generally have clear skies, and breeze from the north. Water is warmest in November, December and April, but you can snorkel with a light wetsuit all season. From time to time, Dec through April, we have 3 day or more windstorms called Nortes, when you will want to be in one of the secure anchorages in our charter area.
We like all months, but then, we live there.

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