Baja Sea Kayaking and Paddling in Baja California, Mexico

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Paddling and Sea Kayaking in Baja California

Sea Kayaking  ·  Mountain Biking & Multisport

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Paddling South Kayaking Tours begin just south of Loreto, where we load equipment, food and water into our sleek, fiberglass sea kayaks and slip away to explore the remote coast most tourists never see. Below you can check our trip dates, explore the routes and read up on general information. When you are ready, click "Sign me up!" to book a trip for individuals or groups. You may also call us at (707) 942-4550.


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Information and trip descriptions:

· General Information (travel, accommodation, equipment, weather overview, physical requirements, food, cancellation policies, etc.)

· Sea Kayaking Coast and Island Route (our main route)

· Avid Paddler - La Paz Route

· Combo / Multisport: Kayak Camp / Mountain Bike B&B

· Mulege to Loreto

· Whales Included !

· San Basilio Multi Sport Base Camp

· Kayaking with Boat Support

· Private Group Tours and Rates

· Favorite Menus of Guides and Guests

Kayak Trip Dates - Dates listed include fly-in and fly-out days.  Please note that some trips are 8 day packages, some are 9 day packages and some are longer.  Day 1 of the trip itinerary will be the arrival day in Loreto, with orientation meeting and hotel included; the final day of the itinerary will be your first available day for a return flight or travel. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Paddling South Dates:

YearDateLengthPriceSpecial Description (if any)
2016October 21 to November 112 days$1,595Loreto to La Paz
 October 22 - 298 days$1,295Coast and Islands
 November 4 - 1512 days$1,495Mulege to Loreto
 November 4 - 118 days$1,295Coast & Island
 November 11 - 188 days$1,295Coast and Island Full Moon!
 November 20 - 278 days$1,495Coast & Island/Thanksgiving/Skiff supp.
 December 3 - 119 days$1,395Coast & Island
 December 24 to January 19 days$1,395Coast and Island/Christmas and New Years
 December 30 to January 79 days$1,395Coast and Island/New Years!
2017January 20 - 289 days$1,395Coast & Island
 February 4 - 129 days$1,595Coast and Island/Blue Whales, Grey Whale
 February 16 - 238 days$1,395Coast and Island/Whale Watching!
 February 24 to March 38 days$1,395Coast and Island/Whale Watching!
 March 3 - 119 days$1,495Coast and Island/All Women/Whale Watchin
 March 10 - 189 days$1,595Coast and Island/Blue Whales, Grey Whale
 March 16 - 238 days$1,295Coast & Island
 April 2 - 1312 days$1,495Mulege to Loreto
 April 16 - 2712 days$1,595Loreto to La Paz

Combo Dates:

There are no trips of this type scheduled at this time.

Whale watch day trip add-ons available mid January through mid-March.

Summer months - contact us for private tours.

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Sea Kayaking  ·  Mountain Biking & Multisport

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