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Paddling South

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Saddling South?


Paddling and Sea Kayaking in Baja California


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Discover Baja Travel Club (
A travel club providing information, newsletters, insurance and other needs for travels in Baja, Mexico.
The International Ecotourism Society (
Make sure the natural and cultural wonders you see will remain for generations while supporting the local economies. Informed travel choices - you can make a world of difference for the environment and cultures of the earth.
Loreto (
As the first capital of the Californias, Loreto's culture runs as deep as its rich history. Loreto is at the edge of the indigo hued Sea of Cortez.

Friends and associates:

STEP ( targets students who are living in poverty, doing well in school, and have exhibited a strong desire to go on to college. STEP's leadership expedition is specifically designed to increase students' self-confidence, enhance their ability to meet unfamiliar challenges, and widen their view of what's possible for the future.

Global Explorers ( a non-profit organization committed to sharing educational, fun, transformative international immersion experiences with students and teachers. - The Agua Verde paddle club and cafe offers kayak rentals and great Mexican food on the waterfront of Seattle, Washington.

Caverhill Lodge - - Owners Larry and Marlene Loney have traveled hundreds of miles of Baja trails by mule. Summers they run this perfect fishing lodge in Canada.

Casa Leree, a great place to visit in San Ignacio, central Baja California peninsula. Traditional arts and crafts, books, and lots of local information from the charming hostess, Jane Ames, (Juanita) a beloved member of the small town community.

Sea Kayaking

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