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Paddling and Sea Kayaking in Baja California


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Itinerary for Mulege to Loreto

Day Before. For personal service we greet you at the airport and arrange transfers to your waterfront hotel in Loreto (alternate drive to Mulege for hotel overnight). Then, join a group orientation meeting with one of Paddling South's t rip leaders. We'll answer questions and discuss the next day's plan to help you get ready for a great adventure. Ground transfers, route maps, a Bienvenidos!

Days 1- 10 Please note this is an Avid Paddler route that we have designed for experienced and or enthusiastic kayakers. Often folks who paddle with us on the shorter Coast and Island route come back for more! Consider this tour for longer days on the water (4 to 5 hours, sometimes 6) and for a more remote section of beautiful coastline. As always, there is great hiking and snorkeling along the route.

We'll paddle a 70 to 80 mile section of coast between the two towns of Mulege and Loreto. On our first paddle day we transfer by van to Conception Bay, and weather permitting, cross by kayak to the more remote first camp on the eastern edge of the bay. This section of coast has remained fairly pristine and unpopulated. The following days we travel down to the village of San Nicolás. At San Nicolás we hope to have a chance to visit long-time friends at the oasis garden valley, in the area just south - a hike to the top of Punta Púlpito, and then continue on to the beautiful protected yacht harbor of San Basilio bay. Small rocky islands dot the bay and make for picturesque campsites. With weather permitting, the final night of the tour will be spent on Isla Coronado, a beautiful volcanic island, where lights of Loreto glow in the distance.

Day After- This morning you will be on your own to explore the town or just relax at the beautiful hotel patio. Flight departures are usually mid-day. Please check at the hotel desk for best departure times for your flight. Taxis are generally waiting to take folks the 4 mile ride out to the airport each day. Paradise lost, we hope to see you in Baja again soon. Buen Viaje!

* Most trips we can cover the whole 70-80 mile route, but if weather dictates, the groups end the tour at a take-out to the north of Loreto.

In October/November and April/May warm weather and low wind probabilities encourage great snorkeling and camping. In mid winter check out the extra low airline rates coinciding with mid-week travel. Plan for a few days prior or after the trip to enjoy other great activities the area has to offer.

Mulege to Loreto

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