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Paddling and Sea Kayaking in Baja California


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Sea Kayaking General Information

T r a v e l

For flights to Loreto, Baja California Sur, contact:
Alaska Airlines - (800) 426-0333
Your arrival and departure days are included in the listed itinerary*. Please check on flight availability early & inform our office of your travel arrangements as soon as they are confirmed. See our web travel page for more details on flights.

A c c o m m o d a t i o n s

Paddling South will make your hotel reservations for the first and last night of your tour at one of our favorite hotels. If you are arriving early or staying extra nights let us know and we will be happy to book you rooms in the Hotel Oasis, the same hotel we use before and after the expedition.

E q u i p m e n t

Single and double fiberglass, Seda brand touring kayaks are used on our trips. (singles may be used by guests when deemed safe by guides ask about use and availability in our office, or see the detailed info on the FAQ page) We provide -Tents; one and two person sturdy A frames and domes. First aid and repair kits. All other camping and commissary equipment. You just bring personal clothing items and sleep gear. We offer sleeping bag rental with a closed-cell foam pad for $25.

P h y s i c a l     R e q u i r e m e n t s

Anyone in good physical condition and willing to share in an occasional camp chore is welcome on our tours. Some regular exercise and stretching will help if the activity is new to you. We provide a medical form for you to fill out prior to the trip for the guide's information. Minimum age is 12 years old.

F o o d

Many guests exclaim, "I never knew one could eat so well on a camping trip!" Meatless vegetarian palates are easily accommodated. We provide great breakfasts and lunches, plus a hearty main meal each evening prepared by our staff. Please note any specific dietary requirements on the reservation form.

W a t e r

Drinking water used on trips will be from a local purified water outlet. for those of you concerned about the possibility of an intestinal disorder, we suggest a daily dose of acidophilus for one to two months before travel. Be sure to buy the kind which needs no refrigeration, and remember to continue taking them for the duration of your trip.

G u i d e s

Experienced and "Baja knowledgeable" guides will lead and assist on all tours. To assure quality and safety, the guest-to-guide ratio is no more than 6-1. Your guides will teach the basics of minimum-impact camping and safety on the first day of your trip, and will help to develop skills and technique throughout the tour. Guests consistently praise our guides for their outdoor and leadership abilities on the post-trip evaluations.
Tipping: If you choose to reflect your satisfaction with a guide's performance, consider a tip of $5 - $10 per tour day per guide. Usually a group will pool tips and present it at the end of the trip.

W e a t h e r

Baja California has essentially two seasons - calm, hot and humid in summer / mild and windy in winter, with conditions for touring best from fall through spring. As everywhere in the outdoors weather conditions may alter a travel plan and an itinerary may change if necessary.

A v e r a g e     D a y t i m e     T e m p e r a t u r e



















Rain is infrequent. Only a few trips each winter might experience a day or two of wet weather. Night temperatures can occasionally fall to 40's mid-winter.

S p e c i a l   N o t e s

A valid passport is required for entry into Mexico. If flying you will be issued a tourist card which will be stamped upon arrival at the Loreto International Airport. No immunizations are required for entry into Baja. We request that alcohol intake be kept to a minimum while in remote environments. Wine or beer with dinner is occasionally provided on a tour. Any illegal substances are strictly prohibited by Mexican laws.

I n s u r a n c e

It is strongly recommended that participants have trip cancellation insurance to protect against the unexpected need to cancel your reservation at a late date. We also encourage you to consider insurance coverage for expenses caused by accidents in and evacuation from remote areas. We will provide you with a liability form upon receiving your reservation. Paddling South is not responsible for re-imbursement of tour-related funds in case of travel warnings or travel carrier default. Contact Travel Insured; (800-243-3174) or your preferred agent for coverage.

I n f o r m a t i o n   R e s o u r c e s   /   B o o k s

Almost an Island by Bruce Berger / Gathering the Desert by Gary Nabhan / A Desert Country Near the Sea by Ann Zwinger / Log from the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck / Into a Desert Place by Graham MacIntosh / Reef Fishes of the Sea of Cortez by D. Thompson / Baja California Plant Field Guide by Roberts, The Sierra Club Handbook of Whales and Dolphins by Leatherwood/Reeves / Loreto - First Mission and Capital of Spanish California, By Ann O'Neil

T o u r   C o s t   I n c l u d e s

Airport greeting and shuttle transfer upon arrival in Loreto, (if you are arriving on Day 1 of the listed tour dates), two nights hotel, guides, kayaks and related gear, single or double tents, shared snorkel equipment, meals on tour & end of trip dinner fiesta. Not included: air travel, meals on arrival and departure days, gratuities, airport transfer for your departure.

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Sea Kayaking

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