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Paddling and Sea Kayaking in Baja California


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Sea Kayaking - Coast and Island Route - Book Now

Kayak Expedition down Baja California’s Sea of Cortez, Snorkeling, Hikes


  • Explore Baja’s nearby islands and coastline

  • Snorkeling, Hiking, Sea Kayaking

  • Local guides with cultural, historical, ecological knowledge of area

  • Learn about ranch and village life in Mexico

  • Amazing food cooked for you every day

Weeklong Adventures Through the Islands and Coast of Baja

Paddling South’s kayaking trips through the islands and along the coast of Baja California offers something for everyone. Travelers spend the first half of the trip exploring the isolated islands near Loreto, and then miles of pristine wilderness along the coastline. These scenic landscapes are teeming with life above and below the water, and you will have an unprecedented chance to witness the wildlife first-hand.

But this isn’t just a wilderness trip—you will have plenty of opportunity to see the realities of life in rural Mexico. As the trip nears its end, you visit a hot spring, a local ranch, and a small fishing village, offering several glimpses of the “real” Mexico that you don’t get to see at your average tourist location.

Arrival. For personal service we greet you at the airport and arrange transfers to your waterfront hotel in Loreto. Then, join a group orientation meeting with one of the trip leaders. We'll answer ques1tions and discuss the next day's plan to help you get ready for a great adventure. This evening there's time to explore the quaint cobbled streets of Loreto, and we'll offer some local restaurant recommendations. Ground transfers, route and town maps, a Bienvenidos!

Day 1 - A breakfast buffet is served at the hotel patio or at the beach put-in, and, hosted by your guides. Town luggage or items not needed on tour will be stored for you. Then off to a great adventure. Enjoy views of the five marine park islands and dramatic volcanic ridges on your way to the heart of Baja's paddling paradise. On the beach, guides will teach the basics of kayak touring, safety and ecological camping techniques.

Today's destination - Isla Danzante or Isla del Carmen for our first night's camp. The islands offer pristine camping at an easy paddling distance. After setting up camp there is plenty of time for exploring by foot or fin, or paddle, depending on the afternoon weather. Snorkel gear is included and a complete natural history library is packed in the hatches. We provide quality tents, but most folks prefer to sleep out. Rain and bugs are few; starry skies and the sound of the sea will lull you to sleep at night.

On our tours we spend a day or two exploring the islands - then, to be safe from the possibility of high winds changing our route, we cross back to the coast. Like a floating backpack we load the boats with our gear and travel 3 or 4 hours each day. While paddling south of the islands in a self-sufficient pod we'll find even more of the peninsula's hidden treasures.

Day 2 - Calm water, a colorful sunrise and a great breakfast start the day. Early morning is the best time to kayak. Gliding along in a silent craft, dolphins, whales and pelicans provide a natural history show. In camp, for a wonderful week you'll be at home in turquoise coves surrounded by majestic red-rock cliffs. Relax on warm sand beaches, hike winding canyons and discover swirling schools of rainbow wrasse. For a time live a simpler life in a simpler place.

Day 3 - Learn about Baja's weather, geography, and natural history from our experienced, local guides.To avoid disturbing wildlife we'll paddle at a safe distance past craggy islotes (small bird-nesting islands). See if you can spot the brilliant blue of a booby's feet on its cliffside perch, or the distinctive red eyes and beak of an oyster catcher as it hunts along a reef. Ospreys winter in Mexico; they have the right idea.

Isla Danzante

Day 4 - A popular highlight on the kayak route south of Loreto is a visit to a small island hot spring. At low tide wade across a sand spit and soak in the warm mineral water. It's a short walk from camp, and it's halfway along the trail to a friend's ranch where we arrange for a meal at the family's outdoor restaurant. Traditional beans, rice, fish or stew is complimented by homemade tortillas hot off the comal.

Day 5 - A layover day is scheduled to take advantage of our favorite camp. Enjoy a slow morning, or do an early birding walk; ride canyon trails on sturdy mules or horses, or hike over desert garden hills to a hidden oasis. If weather permits, grab your paddle and cruise across the channel to snorkel on a nearby island. Or, simply relax on the beach.

Day 6- The final paddle day takes us down the coast to the remote fishing village of Agua Verde. A towering spire of rock marks the entrance to beautiful "green water bay". Our last camp is close enough to the village to wander and watch as local fishermen bring in their catch or to visit the rural school. Yachts anchor in the bay protected from seasonal winds. Reefs and points provide a final bit of snorkeling. Mid morning we load up and climb aboard our van at the take-out. In a few hours we'll be back in Loreto for a taco lunch and hot showers at the hotel, while in the afternoon there's still time to do some last-minute shopping before our farewell dinner at a favorite restaurant. Dinner is hosted by Paddling South.

Departure - Breakfast is on your own this morning. For early departures the hotel restaurant can accommodate your schedule, or head downtown to Café Olé for a leisurely brunch at the locals' favorite. Your guides will help you with transportation info. For departure Paradise lost... but come back soon for another great adventure on sea or sierra and discover more of the treasures of Baja.

Whales Included: On a few spring trips you'll notice we include a day trip for whale watching either at the beginning or end of the trip (depending on best weather or other logistics). Generally the sightings are closer and exciting in the Pacific birthing lagoons and the whale population is more concentrated.

Our trips are planned to satisfy both active adventurers and those looking for a relaxing vacation. We think you'll agree, we've found the right combination!

8 Day Coast and Islands 9 Day Coast and Islands

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