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Paddling and Sea Kayaking in Baja California


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Coasts and Islands with Whale Watching - Book Now

Kayak Trip from Loreto to Agua Verde during Whale Watching Season


·         Kayak through the islands and coastline of Baja California

·         Grey Whale watching at Magdalena Bay

·         Experienced local guides who know the area and the people

·         Ranch and fishing village provide look at life in rural Mexico


8 & 9-Day Kayak Adventure with Whale Watching

Gray Whale

With our 9-day Coasts and Islands trip, you get to experience the classic islands while also having enough time to explore the coast and some of the inland hiking trails. You can do hiking and snorkeling at most locations, and there is even an opportunity for horseback riding. Our local guides draw on their connection to the community to teach you a little about the culture and history of Mexico, with visits to a ranch and fishing village.

This trip takes place during whale calving season, when gray whales and blue whales migrate to these waters in large numbers. You have a much greater chance of seeing whales if you are kayaking at this time, and your guides will be sure to give you additional opportunities to see them. It’s a great chance to see some of nature’s largest creatures.

Day 1

When you arrive at Loreto, we will be there to greet you at the airport and arrange transportation to your waterfront hotel. Once you’ve settled in, we’ll have an orientation session, in which we explain the trip plan and answer any questions you may have. Afterward, you can take the evening to explore Loreto’s cobblestone streets. Feel free to ask us for local restaurant recommendations!

Day 2

You’ll begin your day with a breakfast buffet, served either at the hotel patio or the put-in. Before leaving, you will have the opportunity to store any luggage or items that you will not need. Then, after a short lesson in kayak handling and safety guidelines, it’s off to either Isla Danzante or Isla del Carmen, nearby islands that give you the time and opportunity to explore after setting up camp. If you want to explore the water, we pack snorkeling equipment for you to use at the end of each day.

If the weather and logistical conditions are right, your guides will include a whale watch excursion on this day, and you will have the chance to view blue and/or gray whales as they migrate for calving season. If this day does not work for whatever reason, you will have a chance to view whales on the seventh day instead.

Day 3

Everything you bring on a Paddling South trip is packed and loaded onto your kayak. Each night, we provide quality tents to anyone who wants them, but usually the weather is so nice that people choose to sleep under the stars. The first morning that you wake up to the sound of the waves, you’ll know your trip has truly begun. We try to get back into the water early in the morning. This is the best time to kayak, with the greatest opportunity to view the local wildlife, which includes pelicans, dolphins, and even whales!

Day 4

After spending the first few days exploring the majestic rock-cliffs and turquoise coves of the nearby islands, it’s time to head toward the coast. Your path may take you near the islets, craggy rocks where local birds make their nests. See if you can spot the brilliant blue of a booby's feet on its cliffside perch, or the distinctive red eyes and beak of an oyster catcher as it hunts along a reef. And if you’re interested in learning more about the local life forms, our guides bring along a complete natural history library for you to peruse at your leisure.

Day 5

The strength and frequency of the wind can change the time you spend in your kayak. Our guides do their best to travel 3 to 4 hours a day, giving you plenty of time to swim, paddle, or hike around each camping destination. Around the fifth day, you can use this time to visit a small island hot spring near camp. Also nearby is a ranch belonging to a friend of Paddling South, where we’ll arrange to eat a traditional meal of beans, rice, fish, stew, and homemade tortillas.

Day 6

With so much to do at this camp, we schedule a layover day to give you more time. You can take an early-morning birding walk, hike through the desert wilderness, snorkel around a nearby island, or even ride mules or horses down winding canyon trails. Or if you prefer, you can simply spend the day sleeping in and relaxing by the beach before the final full day of paddling.

If your guides have not provided a whale-watching excursion yet, this is the day they will try to do so. While it’s possible that you will encounter whales in the natural course of your travel, the fact of mating season and the special excursion will make it nearly a certainty that you get to see a whale during your trip.

Day 7

We make the final push to Agua Verde in the morning. After days spent traveling between small islands and an untamed coastline, the village’s appearance signals a return to civilization. Camp is close enough for you to see the local fishing boats, and our guides can explain the nature of village life. If you wish for more natural exploration, nearby reefs provide some final snorkeling opportunities as you spend one last night camping under the stars.

Day 8

As the sun rises and pelicans circle the ocean for food, you have one more chance for a morning paddle in a kayak. By mid-morning, the van will have arrived, and it will be time to pack everything up and head back to Loreto for lunch and a much needed shower. Feel free to use the rest of your daylight hours exploring Loreto. You have another hotel night included in your trip, and Paddling South hosts your final dinner.

Day 9

The next morning, you can find a spot for breakfast and leave on your own time. If you have an early-morning flight, the hotel can accommodate your schedule, and if you need more transportation info, the guides can help you out. Be sure to come back soon for another Baja adventure!


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